Gotta go fast

Alyssa Pearson

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Dear Etowah…
April 19, 2022

High school: the thing that either drags on forever or goes by in a flash. It feels like yesterday students were getting their syllabi signed for their teachers. 

“It [school year] is too long; we need more breaks or less class hours per day,” Michael Mandle, sophomore, said. 

The freshmen have mostly gotten over their freshmen fears. Most students thought their first year of high school went by quickly.  It felt like yesterday that high school students were searching frantically for their classes and struggling to keep their grades up.  

“In the middle of school, it seemed slow, but looking back, this year has been crazy, and the days just blur together,” Kara Drew, freshman, said. 

The sophomore class seemed to have mixed feelings about this school year. A majority of the grade believe that the school year went by fast, but a few students believe the year went by slowly.  

“I think the school year went by pretty slow. Sophomore year was pretty difficult with some things I have been dealing with personally and juggling doing school work,” Sara Grace Henderson, sophomore, said. 

Junior year is the year where a student’s workload increases dramatically. However, most juniors believe that the school year went by quickly. Many juniors find it crazy to think they are going to be seniors next year. 

“At times, weeks felt like they would not end, and then again, it feels like it was just August yesterday,” Daniel Efunwa, junior, said. 

Seniors also have mixed feelings about the year going by quickly or slowly. This year seniors have had huge cases of senioritis, especially after the start of the second semester. At first, they were freshmen trying to get used to the new campus. Now seniors are putting on their caps and gowns and getting their diplomas. 

“It went fast because it seemed like it flew by, and it’s my last year of high school, so I’m glad it did,” Kimberly Pallas, senior, said. 

Whether students are graduating or staying at Etowah, the memories made during the 2018-2019 school year will always be a part of them.