Smartphone showdown

Smartphone showdown

iPhones are the talk of the town for many, but are they slowly disappearing as if Thanos snapped his fingers? Let us be honest, most students at Etowah have a smartphone. While some may have an iPhone and are proud of it, many are switching to Android.

“I have an iPhone now, but Androids are really making their move big time,” Kiana Walker, sophomore, said.

Samsung has recently released its Galaxy Fold, which is a smartphone that folds in half. Some may find that intriguing, but iPhone has its XS Max, which has an even faster face ID and is the fastest responding iPhone yet.

“iPhones are better than Androids because they are more reliable, have better chargers and cameras,” Joshua Fallis, freshman, said.

According to, less than half of 2019 U.S. smartphone users have an iPhone. Within the next three years,the percentage of people with iPhones is predicted to go up. In 2016, Apple’s rank in China dropped from 15 percent to 11 percent. However that does not mean they are losing their shine in high schools. At Etowah, phones still control students’ lives and teachers continue to tell kids to put them away.

“They are growing more popular because Apple is creating more budget friendly devices,” Michael Mandle, sophomore, said.

Whether you are a proud Android user or a confident Apple supporter, many agree that the competition between the companies is heating up.